Put an end to your quarterly accounting routine

At the end of the accounting period, Flexio prepares your invoices & receipts. You just have to share them with your accountant.

  • Collect documents as they come
  • Let Flexio organize them for you
  • Send the file to your accountant in one click

No missing documents anymore

Flexio compares your documents with your transactions and let you know when something is missing.

  • Review your To Match list every now and then
  • Add the few missing documents before sending your file to your accountant

A better way to communicate with your accountant

When a transaction requires further details, easily add annotations for to your accountant.

  • Match any kind of transaction: payments, transfers, VAT, bank fees,...
  • All your annotations are exported at the end of your accounting period

You want to reduce backs and forths with your accountant?

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