Built by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Hi there! I am Jean-Baptiste, founder of Flexio. After taking part into several startups, I started Flexio in order to fix my biggest pain as an Entrepreneur: paperwork.

At Flexio, we want to allow every entrepreneur to maximize their impact and stop wasting time on purposeless but mandatory tasks.
We want to empower them with their financial data so they can take better decisions.

A company with a European vision

Every European Entrepreneur has the same needs: pay suppliers, get paid by clients, communicate with his/her accountant, take descisions based on financial data.

That is why Flexio positions itself as a European company: a European remote team, working with European customers, connected to banks throughout Europe (we already cover 10 countries).

Focused on the human experience

We are building software with the end user in mind. Flexio is designed to integrate in your daily habits, not to make them change.

We believe that words matter and we do our best to clarify concepts and make Flexio easy to grasp. We never forget that we are serving humans.