Paperwork Automation for Entrepreneurs

Flexio collects your invoices, matches them against your bank statements and sends the complete file to your accountant.

Forget the paperwork, Focus on your business

Flexio collects and organizes your accounting documents
Anytime, anywhere, even when you sleep

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The most efficient way to collaborate with your accountant

Flexio works hand in hand with your accountant
Preparing all the document she needs in a nice and structured way

Your accounting file always complete and up-to-date

With Flexio, do not wait until the end of the quarter to do your accounting. Import your documents as they come and get notified when something is missing.

  • Connect your bank account
  • Flexio matches your documents and transactions
  • Get notified when you need to take action

Say "No" to encoding

Flexio captures information from your documents so that processing an invoice is never more effort than taking a picture or saving a file.

  • Upload your invoice
  • Flexio automatically classifies it
  • Share it with your accountant
    (Google Drive, Dropbox, Zip file, ...)

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